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Outclass optimize learning and maximize teaching potential by supporting interactive learning media and tools in an integrated platform.


Outclass provides

Digital Education Hub

OutClass is the most comprehensive and affordable digital education hub for students, teachers, parents and education institutions within an integrated platform.

Your Digital Assistant in Education

Outclass is specifically designed to facilitate education in Indonesia. We are here to support the teaching and learning effectiveness for teachers, students, parents, and education institutions.

Outclass equips and empowers teachers to continuously develop professionally.

Outclass facilitates Blended Learning and MBKM programs

The features offered by Outclass are purposefully designed to enable students and teachers to maximize their potential through effective and efficient learning process.

OutClass is the only platform that combines Learning Management System, Video Conferencing, Teachers’ support (Personassist),  Digital Library (Perpusbookstore), and Institution administrative procedures.

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Global Access at Local Fee

Online learning platform with various knowledge from various levels, both global and local at affordable fees for all.)

Proficient in Teaching and Learning

Earn with ease through teaching with full administrative and digital support from Outclass.

Privacy is priority because you are important

Your security is guaranteed; from sending, monitoring to storing personal data without exception.

Cutting Edge Integrated Education Application

Providing support for teaching and learning activities, institutional administration processes and communication between teachers, students and parents.

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Support and monitor students’ learning process and communicate with teachers.

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 Automated administrative procedures and facilitates

i-Generation learning process.